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Nov. 9th, 2004 | 03:53 pm
mood: ehh
music: Amy Grant - Grown Up Christmas List

Well Crew has officially started (since Saturday) and its not as bad as I thought... I couldn't stand Adam at first (the sound guy)... but he was really cool last night and I did a good job running the board.

Emmy is sick and I hope she feels better, Jess was pissed or upset at someone last night, and welll the rest of the crew..... well they're managing..

I get the feeling that the people NOT in our class that are helping don't really care to have much to do with us.. They say hi every now and again but don't really talk to us... I feel kind upset bout that... I dunno why...
but I mean, I know Jeff from Pioneer players and I know like 90% of the cast either from classes or from Pioneer Players / Alpha Psi Omega.... but I dunno

I go through soooo many mood swings and I don't know whether it's me or everyone else sometimes... I just like to feel wanted and comfortable and when I don't I feel depressed, upset and threatened... I wanted to leave on Sunday night after Adam kind of made a comment to me after I said that the Hercules cues for running late.. I was just trying to be on top of what was going on, not trying to criticize him, guess he took it the wrong way......... oh well... it was better yesterday and I am glad to be doing this over work...

well Im off for now


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(no subject)

Oct. 10th, 2004 | 01:24 am
mood: tired tired
music: Dawson's Creek music

Far-Left Liberal
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(no subject)

Sep. 17th, 2004 | 01:21 am
mood: scared scared
music: Christina Milian - Dip it Low (songs playing in my head)

Wow... where to start...

Last night I decided to drink with my brother, his wife and Plaz after work... then I had to go to an 8am class this morning.. needless to say I woke up but fell back asleep and didn't make it. After classes chilled wit Herman and Okken then came home and went to dinner with Lisa...Here's where the night got misconstrued.

Alex calls me up to tell me that Kris (my brother) got arrested today... He's already on probation mind you... for possession of alcohol by a minor, burglury and assault... Supposedly he was drinking in an abandoned downstairs apartment but some guy who lived upstairs was fixing it up and noticed him in there.. Kris tried to leave nudging the guy and well... he spent 3 hours or so in a cell until Barchi bailed him out.....

Usually when/if he fucks up I can laugh at him and whatnot, but this was different... I mean obviously he's stupid and it is his fault but I feel soo bad. First off I bought the liquor he was drinking last night... and being that he's already on probation, if he winds up getting convicted on all 3 charges that might even be jail time... when I called him, he was acting like it didn't phase him but you can tell by the way he was talking he knew he was fucked...

Well other than that... Lisa left after we napped for a bit and I had to run out to my store to help out Sara.. We just promoted her and she was fuzzy on some of the closing procedures... Don't worry girl, you'll get it =) hehe

ehh back to My IM world

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The United States of Leland

Sep. 13th, 2004 | 05:08 am
mood: enthralled enthralled
music: Elliott Smith - Miss Misery/ Elliott Smith - Bled White

Its 4:57am... I just got done watching the United States of Leland... No one was on for me to converse with, about the movie, about life, about anything really.. Not even my insomniac buddies from Life-D... Movies like this one, Manic, and other indie films that leave me deep in thought, provoke me to write or at least think about writing... I went outside to split some atoms and just kinda lose myself in thought about life. Movies are always and always have been my "escape" from life. They jog memories, thoughts and feelings that I sometimes don't think about or worry about. Tonight my main thought is that I don't know many people that challenge me... not like in a school environment way, but just in general. I can be one of the goofiest people you will meet when you see me in a party environment or a group gathering with the Crew, but get me alone and I'm an enigma of thought provoking questions. I'm a deep thinker and a very complex person at heart that most people don't get to see/know because its on such a level that I don't think alot of people get to or at least try to get to. I'm not saying that I'm more intelligent than others because that would be an overstatement, but I haven't met many people that think like me... about life or movies.

In alot of ways I related to the character Ryan Gosling played in the movie. If you've watched it you might know what I'm talking about. I could sit here and explain it, but I'm not going to, just wouldn't be me.

There really is no point in case for this posting, just a free range of emotion and thought I felt I needed to let escape tonight before I turn in for the night. Life's mysteries aren't always clear to us and thats what makes it all worth living, but its sad that not everyone sees it.

Bad things happen in life, and there is nothing you can do to change it or erase it. And that's just life, sometimes it's nobody's fault. Things are just the way they are because thats how they are.

Good Night
<3 Joey

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(no subject)

Sep. 1st, 2004 | 01:21 am

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Aug. 31st, 2004 | 03:17 pm
mood: I want Liquor
music: Black Eyed Peas - Let's Get Retarded

~~Remember Whens: Summer of 2004~~

1. Dayna's Party!! 5-15-04
2. The Many Endless nights at the "spot"
3. Kris wakes up at the "spot" No Shoes, No Phone, No Keys, missing a shirt
4. Wildwood 2004 with the 'rents
5. Lisa
6. Parties at Melissa's house... Tom Breaking the Porch table
7. Shot of Jack for breakfast?!?!
8. Adam, Matt, & Jared many nights at the Studio---drinkin/playing cards
9. Drunken Political fight between Ant & Bielen
10. Kris throwing BBQ/Parties in our backyard
11. Plaz passed out on our porch, Barchi puking in the back.... I have no more Jack!
12. Laura keeps hitting on Alex when coming down with Lisa
13. The many parties I had to miss because of work (sorry Dayna, Herman)
14. Lisa cheated on me
15. Party at Michelle's house where only 4 people showed and I was taking care of a 14yr old
17. Sara's Grad Party.
18. Getting Drunk with Sara G, watching Sleepers
19. Crew Bowl... Endless shots of 3 Wise Men with Ryan, Tim and Joey
20. Hey Ya performed by the cast of American Idol 3
21. "ALL IN"
22. Drinkin with Lex and Joe... Lex can't drink Smirnoffs anymore... =(
23. Joe's unique hiding places for all his liquor
24. Let's Get Retarded in here!
25. Parking lot of Hollywood in Garfield.. interesting sex talks with weird people!
26. Cinco De Mayo....taking my final drunk.. and not making up any of the work I owed on my INC's
27. Spackle Party at Lex's
28. Adan We'll miss you... I hope you find what you need in the Navy
29. Bama's parties... even the ones that no one came to.
30. Party at Vic's.. even though I was like 3 hours too late
31. Chris Fernandez is an alchy
32. Kris never coming home from Lauren's
33. Adam's 21st B-Day in New York... Jeckyll & Hydes and Mad River Grill... After the Amaretto Sours weren't doing it, Smoking on the side of the building with Pete...
34. Only Hangover I had all summer... morning I left to Wildwood.. Puking in the streets when parents stopped at the bank..
35. Dayna's 4th of July Party.. Shots of Tangueray with Eric.
37. Getting payed to play softball...twice!
38. Plaz opens one of my left over Smirnoffs on Route 78 on the way to Franklin to play
39. Working 2 inventories... and staying up all night/day and working at 5pm after I left garfield at 1:45.
40. Olsen Twins and Lindsay Lohan turned 18!! haha
41. Ozzfest 2004.. still can't believe we didn't bring any liquor! Mosh Pitting to Slipknot and Hatebreed
42. The top 3 List... Lisa still won't tell me
44. BBQ at my house... Tim, Blake playing 5 Man and Kings...
45. Power Hour at the "spot" Jerry Beat Alex
46. Flipping out on Bielen for hooking up with Hicswa
47. Sack of 10 at White Castle... after we were drinkin at the "spot"
48. Kris loses 2nd hand... with Pocket Kings! $100 tourney!
49. All the Fights that never happened... Kris never call Plaz again!

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(no subject)

Aug. 30th, 2004 | 03:30 pm

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Aug. 30th, 2004 | 03:24 pm

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Aug. 30th, 2004 | 03:20 pm
music: Couting Crows - Baby I'm A Big Star Now (From Rounders)

Power Rangers Movie!

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(no subject)

Aug. 30th, 2004 | 03:14 pm
music: Ben Folds Five - Magic (From Dawson's Creek)

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